The Vaping Commandments

The ultimate dos and don’ts of vaping — disregard them at your peril

Thou shalt start with the right nicotine level when substituting cigarettes with vaping

Listen, we’ve all been there. You’re thinking of substituting your 20-a-day habit with a bit of vaping, so you head to a vape shop, and feel like you need a chemistry degree to understand all the different percentages and measurements. So you opt for the lowest amount of nicotine because it seems like the least scary option.
You start off well, but 6 hours in you’re sneaking off into the garden in the pouring rain for a cheeky fag because your fingers are twitching, and the vape just isn’t cutting the mustard.
The nicotine present in a single cigarette is often higher than that in the same amount of puffs on a lower level vape juice. So while you’re making the transition to vaping, opt for a 1.8mg or 1.2mg liquid to get you started. The great thing about vaping is that the juices come in different strengths, so once you’ve gotten into the habit of vaping over smoking a cigarette, you can gradually step down the nicotine level.

Thou shalt not vape with an empty tank

Before you take a puff, check the juice level in your tank to make sure it’s at least the minimum level in the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually you can find this info in the manual that came with your vape.
Even if you like the feeling of swallowing fire, we wouldn’t recommend vaping on
an empty tank. Because. You know. health.

Thou shalt make sure all parts are screwed together properly

The last thing you want when you’ve just bought a new vape juice is to lose half of it in your pocket or bag. Make sure you tighten everything up securely before you fill up your tank.

Thou shalt not vape through the burning taste

If your vape is starting to taste like you’re chugging down coal, it’s time to switch out that coil. Yes, it’s annoying when you’ve just refilled your tank. But trust us, it’s better in the long run if you cut your losses and change the coil now. Because health. And it can ruin a perfectly good vape.

Thou shalt carry a power bank on long journeys

Save your nearest and dearest from the stress of being around you when your vape is dead, and you’re 2 hours into a 4 hour journey. Get yourself a power bank and always pack your charging cable.

Thou shalt not scrimp on spare parts

If you can buy spare tanks for your vape — do it. Have a spare on hand at all times. You never know when the wind or a clumsy hand will knock your vape to the floor. Save yourself the embarrassment of kneeling next to the remains of your vape and screaming into the heavens. No? Just us then.

Thou shalt have a spare vape as a backup

If you’re the kind of person who regularly pats pockets and scrambles between sofa cushions to find your phone or keys, chances are you’ll misplace your vape at some point. Have a backup to see you through the search. And try to remember where you keep the backup.

Thou shalt buy your favourite flavours regularly from Vape Crowd

Well. This isn’t exactly a commandment, but we’d love it if you did.